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  • Location Sound
  • Sound Design
  • Sound Mixing
  • Foley
  • Dubbing
  • Voice Overs

♦ Location Sound
Sync Sound Recording -
Sync sound requires Professional set up, super silent in nature to capture sound as clean as possible.
Focus is on dialogue, effects and ambience. so that minimum work is needed in the post production phase.
We achieve it best by pre discussions, recce, Professional sound set up, better understanding between every department on board and concentrating on doing everything that reduce chances of re-recordings.

B) Pilot Recording -
Pilot recording refers to on location recording, which can be re recorded in studio by a process called dubbing.
Even though, dialogues are the only concern here, recording on location should serve every character to reproduce sound as close as possible, including the nuances during on location recording.  

♦ Sound Design 
Sound design is where you start to feel about the film ( a scene, shot - as a flow or as itself as well )
Putting everything in sound tracks in a right proportion and position, including Dialogues, Effects, Ambience, Music etc if any, sound design infuse " Life " into a film.
Sound design is the process of recording ( if needed ), acquiring, manipulating or generating audio elements.
Right placements of sound, layering, basic equalization, filling sound space as required, editing are the key factors of sound design.

♦ Sound Mixing
Getting everything right, whatever placed and designed in terms of what platform the project is going to be aired like theaters, podcasts, ott etc.
Sound mixing engineers are responsible for every minute detail that are heard, the way we want, to set the perfect  mood of a film.
Precise equalization, levelling, compression, dynamics and till the final output of a project is technically set by sound mixers, with the calls from director,sound designer and even music directors.

♦ Foley 
Named after Jack Foley 
These are the sound effects which are re recorded and synced in post production to get desired enhanced impact.
Not just recording but tweaking the re-recorded sounds and syncing it at the right place and with correct processing are done to enhance overall mood of the film.
Including footsteps, rustles, banging sound and all the minute effects that are not feasibly possible to record on location are the things we achieve in foley.

♦ Dubbing
Although a studio based process with script in hand, dubbing requires some specialization to work with the project.
As there are fair amount of chances that character improvise during delivery of his/her dialogues on location shoot.
Hence, one should be very specific,not only about recording clear dialogues but also for their verbal nuances on location.
We serve you, with the best technicians, acoustically treated studios, equipments and engineers to record and sync it with precision.

♦ Voice Overs
Voice overs are the extra information that we want our users to know.
Being clean and louder is not enough, it should have a tone, depth rather a character to it which enhances the story telling.
Here at prismaurals, we work considering all these minute details to help our project to speak louder.

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